Thirty years ago, the Meadows Assisted Living Facility was constructed with large studio units, with the intention of being converted to nursing home use if needed. While the regulations for nursing home of the time were met, many changes, including the enactment of new accessible standards, had significant effect on conversion of this structure. All resident room bathrooms were renovated to these accessible standards and cook to order serving kitchens with dumbwaiter to the main kitchen were added on each floor for optimal resident experience. Extensive expansion of therapy spaces on the main entry level makes this a premier rehab facility.

The main entry and lobby was renovated to add a reception space to help residents/visitors. As well as a location to monitor the building for safety and security. The second and third floor of project included renovations to 44 existing units, that were reconfigured for accessibility. In addition, these units added kitchenettes with cabinetry, microfridge, and sink. On these floors, 2 central baths were added as well as a servery for the renovated dining spaces.

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