JMM Architects: Our Experience, Our Passion, Our Approach

JMM Architects, Inc. is an industry-leading, multi-discipline architectural firm specializing in senior housing and healthcare design across the US. Founded in 1986 by James Michael Milligan in Columbus, Ohio, our focus has always been the Specialized Design Practice of Senior Living.

Each of our 700+ commissioned projects has yielded valuable insight to our practice, forming a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. Unique talent and vision allow JMM Architects to implement what has been learned, in new ways, to meet the context of each project parameters and Client aspirations.

Our Passion

Our passion is compassion. Our respect for the lives of Seniors is the catalyst behind our company. Our profession has the capacity to directly impact residents and we approach this influence with respect and gratitude. The privilege of being Senior Living Specialists is rewarding for our team members, our clients and, ultimately, for those who benefit from the projects we design.

Our Approach

Our office approach has proven effective since the firm’s beginnings. The continuity of our team approach minimizes communication breakdowns and coordination gaps, that often hinder Architectural firms who have chosen to take a departmental approach.

Consistent Project Manager and Principle Architect involvement from early project concept, throughout construction administration ensures knowledge of project history and decisions, which leads to better outcomes. This level of accountability is paramount to building strong relationships with our Clients and for our staff to develop expertise.  Our clients benefit from this expertise through excellence in built projects.

JMM Award Winning Designs across the Country

JMM Architects, Inc. is nationally recognized and respected as a premier designer of senior living projects, and to date has received 6 National design awards and published over 40 times, for our completed projects. These award winning projects range from luxury caliber facilities to more modest projects with very limited budgets.

Project Locations

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Industry Leadership and Advocacy

JMM Architects, Inc. has emerged and remains an industry leader, actively involved in organizations that support the well being of Seniors. Architectural Design has the ability to impact how person-centered care is implemented. We recognize the potential for built environment to create opportunities for providers to care for residents in a more meaningful and engaging manner.

Organizations Involved in Advancement in Senior Living and Education:

JMM Architects shares the desire of these influential organizations, to support transformation of the culture within senior care environments.