Friendship Village of Dublin

Legacy at Scioto

As part of the Friendship Village of Dublin major campus repositioning effort of their Life Plan Community (formerly known as CCRC). The food service program for independent living residents was to be modernized and changed from a buffet style service to a primarily waitress service. The dining room is positioned as an addition within FVD. A new larger and modernized dining room with indoor/outdoor seating options, along with expanded and updated kitchen was incorporated. The dining room contains a double height ceiling and fireplace. This effort required careful sequencing to keep existing operations going, while serving campus needs. A hospitality style of aesthetic was designed for these common area amenities.

The new addition was located in a large existing courtyard between multiple buildings.  The typical dining room is accessed from the main building, being situated in the courtyard allows for multiple circulation paths for visitors and residents to go to the dining room. Also, the positioning allows for views to the newly landscaped courtyard and pathways. In addition, the new patio area creates a space for an outdoor dining experience for the residents. The dining room addition seats more than 150 visitors/residents for the large campus. Also, the waitress service style dining and amount of seating required a large updated commercial kitchen.

The design for the dining room addition added a more contemporary look to the courtyard of the campus. A lot of  additions and renovations throughout the campus was aimed at creating a similar aesthetic to the existing campus buildings, the dining room as an addition added a fresh contemporary look to the courtyard and the rest of the campus. The segmented roof breaks up and creates a focal point to the rest of the parapets and sloped roofs of the adjacent existing buildings. The addition being situated in the courtyard and being a double height space, rather then a more centrally located dining room, allows for a lot of natural light throughout the dining room. In addition, the fireplace creates a consistent focal point throughout the dining room, with a back drop of double height windows with natural light flooding in.


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