VanWert, Ohio
Completed: 2000
* Cost: $1.997 Million
** Area: 21,557 Sq. Ft.

* Construction Cost
** Gross Square Footage
Hearth and Home of Van Wert is a 30 unit Assisted Living Facility designed in the Carpenter Gothic style and also utilizes the "clustered cottage" concept. The design features residential living units grouped into two clusters radiating from a central core. The core includes a central interior courtyard with house fronts leading to each 15 bed cluster. Units are grouped around community living spaces which include a country kitchen, dining, laundry, and large family room. This facility is well suited to serve the needs of a Dementia or more typical assisted living resident within separate clusters. Each cluster can operate independently of the other with separate enclosed courtyards, staff areas, and dining and recreation spaces.